Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To my non-eternal shame

2 weeks with a great film on my table, unwatched. I've been busy, and would need arms like Kali to work fast enough. Also, the time hasn't been right. I've been a bit restless after these long days. To anyone reading: have you felt neither "bad" nor "good," but known that it'll be hard to get in the mood for something? Even something you want to do? That's me recently. I'm great at ditching that vibe when I go out - movies at home are different... As a nice aside, Netflix should be making free money off of me - and isn't. The renewal period hit, and they need new info from me. =) So I guess coincidence is working in my favor (again, finally). Honestly, I want to spoil the hell out of this movie. Even if I don't discuss it in depth, there's a lot to point out. This clashes with my desire to lead people to things they haven't seen before. And I want this to be so new for you! In closing, sorry for the unexpected break. I'll be better about this in the future, and that review will be up within two (2) days.

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