Fair Warning

[UPDATE 4/11/14: I checked an old post today, then was ashamed by the typos I saw; maybe the wrong draft got published, but I'm not sure...]

Since I had a couple of snafus this past week (late October 2012), I guess this message deserves its own page: sometimes my posts go up with a few typos. Sometimes, an early version of a post gets posted instead of the finished work, and I'm not sure why. I schedule many of my posts far in advance, and have done so for a while. I work in at least two time zones, which can mess me up once in a while.

But aspirations only get you so far. I mean, I only figured out how to make my text larger as of last Autumn (2012) - and it was a trick I should've found earlier; and I'm still updating old posts for font size and images/videos that were taken down, backwards from August 2012.

Yet I had a bad run a while ago - a video expired just hours after my post went up, a few were mistakenly published in draft form, or weren't taken out of the posting schedule.

Considering how busy I am and how much writing I do here, this is kind of inevitable. I don't like that it happens, but I'm too busy with work; I'm supposed to be a better writer (and proofer) than this, yet I only have to do perfectly at my paying jobs, not this site.

On a few occasions, though, I need to see the layout as it will truly look to everyone else. I might change any minor or major aspect of a post after inspection.

And I feel that Blogger's preview function isn't as good for finding typos - or judging my own words - as a live web page is. I can't say why, precisely, but there you have it. 

As such, to people who read some posts right after they go up:
Sorry. My entries might change a bit, and when they do, it's usually just a few hours after going live. Drafts may get published, or similar mistakes made. And on a busy workday, it can take a while to make any changes.

My posts usually go up as intended, but I try to fix them asap. You're invited, friends, to let me know about my oversights.
But Net-flixation is a work in progress, so bear with me - I aim to make it worth your while...

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