Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bill Murray Caricatureness

This final installment of Bill Murray came to my attention some time ago, in a post written by Katie Rife (who was herself working off a National Post article). The contents were most welcome news: someone took the time to make a caricature-style drawing of every role Mr. Murray has portrayed on film.

As pleased as I was to see one image that contained all of these pictures, I was even more pleased to find that someone compiled them into a handy-dandy video - which I now present for your enjoyment.

Really, a day without Murray is a day without sunshine, and I'm grateful to NPsteve for putting this together.

I know this post is rather brief and spare, but my Ex Machina post will be up in a couple of hours I just wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite actors while I still could. Grab your socks and hold on, because that review is going to be long and... somewhat intense.

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