Monday, August 16, 2010

Youtube, you are truly grand sometimes

This quickie update highlights a three fun movie-related videos available on youtube. Two are Star Wars parody clips, while the last is a choose-your-path New Zealand zombie short that is actually a pizza company advert. Sheer brilliance.

The first two clips are great. Both replace Darth Vader's well-known voice with that of Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The result is pure comic genius. The best mashups are great examples of what can be done with modern tech, wit, and a good idea.

The last video is even more impressive. A New Zealand pizza chain inspired a video where NZ is over-run by zombies. Trapped on top of a container, and surrounded by the living dead, an attractive woman dials the best pizza place in the country. She hopes that the delivery boy will reach her in time, save her, and bring food.

As if the tone and filming weren't cool enough, it's actually a pick-your-path adventure! At the end of every clip, there's a choice to be made. Selecting one of two options will lead you to different videos where your decisions are played out before you (note, you must pick an option before the video counts down to zero). Why, oh why, are the New Zealanders so gifted at physical comedy and zombie flicks? I don't need an answer, but thank you!

Darth Schwarzenegger

Even better, Arnold Strikes Back (down as of 2/5/13 because of a stupid DMCA takedown notice)

And, best of all, Kiwi zombies + pizza + multiple path adventure

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