Friday, July 1, 2011

Michael Bay in 60 Seconds

52 seconds technically, but the people at the College Humor site are accurate. I can't say I like the voice used for the voiceover, the focus on "Transformers" or how few examples are pulled from "Bad Boys" and other films, but it's quick and it's funny. Here's what I'd add to this "distilling" of MB. Do I hate his movies? Yes, but I'll keep it brief:  You shouldn't ever forget the basic element of Michael Bay's work - a truly pornographic, leering, total lack of respect for women,
at the 1:50 mark, we learn Bay's thoughts on gender topics.
and the "superfreak" role that lets an actor ham it up to the nth degree, in all caps,
there are so many examples, this one's almost tame.
Every -one and -thing is magnificently clean - it all looks to good, unless something is supposed to be covered in dirt like a makeup professional just did it,
and the flag appears so often, it should have an official cameo credit.

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