Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I guess I should've done this all along

that is, post brief entries to highlight sweet movie links and articles that I spot on the web. My first should be unquestionably brilliant, so I give you: Muppet Wicker Man.


I like it so much, I can just type out the link for clarity's sake.

I was smiling early on, but half-way through, I realized I had a lot of respect for the person(s) behind this. This re-working is displayed like a comic book. Yet I don't see it as a comic - it's an art project based on film. It's funny, the juxtaposition is excellent, and the humor is perfectly demented. Look at the screen cap I took below to get an idea of what the full-screen mode is like.

FYI, I may have issues with AICN sometimes, but I still check them regularly, and I might not've seen this without them. Credit where credit's due...  I really hope people other than me think this is brilliant!

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