Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sorry sorry - something will be up tonight

A week ago, I had one job. It didn't pay well, and really soaked up my time; at least I could do it from home. As of yesterday, I was working 3 jobs. The one that takes up roughly 8 hours a day is on the other side of town. As you might imagine, it's really eaten into my writing time.

I hate going 5-7 days without a post... But the almost-complete lack of feedback to these reviews means all the motivation for this comes from within; I only fail myself when I have 2 post-less weeks. In this case, the delay is from me writing a longer article. Still, I've seen a slew of movies lately, and a review will be up tonight.

Update 07/05/10
A slew of small pictures to show the sort of fun you can have with MS paint. These are all a bunch of inter-related diagrams:

Diagram 1

 Diagram 2

 Diagram 3

Diagram 4

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