Thursday, June 13, 2013

Change of Plan

So... busy. Insanely busy. Not just the usual "wow, I'm underslept" kind of busy, but the "I barely have time for personal calls" kind of busy. I prioritize fairly well, and the high standards I keep for unpaid hobbies don't mean much compared to professional responsibilities.

The latter keeps the former going, at least until I'm independently wealthy (and then, probably, drunk on power and champagne). So it goes...

I was going to publish for the next four days straight to make up for the lack of posts, but I actually stopped, got some rest, and called a friend I trust. DJ had a better idea than going hog-wild for the next two weeks. He suggested just filling out all the weekdays for the rest of this month, at least until I'm back to the promised 4/week; this month, it'll be an average of 4/wk.

I liked the idea a lot, and that's what I'm going with. And it'll all work out, because instead of just declaring a blog-cation now, I got to work on a few things. I went to a press screening on Monday for Short Term 12, a fine indie drama that won both the Grand Jury Award and the Audience Award for Narrative Feature at SXSW this year.

I also have to watch Peter Jackson's Dead Alive (aka Brain Dead), because it's the Large Association of Movie Blogs' Movie of the Month for June. It's a must for me because I truly love that film (and I mean to post more than two Peter Jackson's Early Glories entries). I'll also have a Question for Friday and a Reviewing with Others review up over the weekend.

Until then, think happy thoughts, and enjoy something nice. Perhaps a Recommendation or a Fan-made Gem...

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