Thursday, June 20, 2013

Great Moments in... Film Interviews

I love L.A. Story. It's a great comedy, and a lovely romantic comedy that makes me continue to wonder what happened to Hollywood's approach toward that genre. But let's not worry about the present, let's just enjoy the past together.

If you haven't seen this picture, it was made when Sarah Jessica Parker was a complete unknown, and when Steve Martin was one of the funniest actors in film. Martin shares the lead with his then-wife, the fine Victoria Tennant. The picture is a pastiche/satire of life in Los Angeles, and Martin's local weatherman is trying to arrange a date at the most exclusive and chic restaurant in town, L'Idiot (pronounced "ley-id-i-o"):

In a movie full of great jokes and fine performances, this scene is a real stand-out. Who would've thought that eating duck would be considered such a treat?

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