Friday, September 26, 2014

QftWo 9/22-9/28: Imposters #71 - A Walk Among The Tombstones

[Update: Sorry, a draft went up this morning and stayed up for 9 hours after. I told y'all I was busy!]

A Walk Among the Tombstones has a real honey of a poster. It has a good balance of empty space and use of background objects on the far right side contrasted with the the foreground being quite full on the right. I love the different fonts used for all of the txt in the graphic. And the tagline, "people are afraid of all the wrong things," is quite good.

In fact, the only misstep is that Liam Neeson looks about 15 years younger than he should. But I suppose that many people won't mind that, much less complain about it.

Then, of course, we're left with the masterstroke of this image: everything being in greyscale, save the lake on the right side, which is blood-red. It looks simply beautiful, and it suggests a lot about the plot. You add that to the satchel and gun being held by Mr. Neeson, and you can really start to get intrigued about the picture, or at least start to guess what story is about.

You take that expressive efficiency and simply beauty and the result is a brilliant piece of design. I hope the film lives up to it...

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