Saturday, February 7, 2015

Coming Up

I have to confess that because it's wrong/cheap/lame/immature to fantasize about people without their consent, I usually just blank my mind when I see Nigella. See, I don't wish to be disrespectful - and her humor, robust good looks, fondness for men's shirts, and sheer love of food have always made me feel a little... randy:

Sorry that the vid was crass, but it made me laugh hard. Anyway, as part of winding the site down, I said I wanted to cover as many of 2014's big movies as possible. Coming down the pipe are reviews for Only Lovers Left Alive, The Guest, The Lego Movie, and Selma. DJ and I will both be writing something about those last two films. DJ will also review The One I Love.

That still leaves Gone Girl and Edge of Tomorrow for late next week or early the week after that. And some combination of DJ and/or myself will try to tackle Two Days, One Night, Birdman, Inherent Vice, Boyhood, Wild, and Whiplash. There may be others. The Tale of Princess Kaguya is also hoped-for.

I have extra thoughts to add on Babadook and Grand Budapest, and I'm not sure if those will be ready by the time my 2014 Year-End Wrapup is published. After that, I'm writing TV recommendations for The 100, Video Game High School, Grimm, Justified, Rookie Blue, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Flash, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie Jade - as well as a few others, before the site goes dark. And I will try to write all of that while watching this video:

but my fingers might be paralyzed from laughter. I may go for extra bonus points by reviewing the movies I've watched lately (among them, The Wolf of Wall Street and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Stardust, Monsters, Knights of Badassdom), and a horror film I've been anticipating for a while now (It Follows comes out in March!). I may also write about a few of my favorite movies that not many people know about (City of Lost Children, The Ipcress File) - after all, shedding light on unknown cinematic greats was part of why I started this site nearly 6 years ago.

I don't always get very sentimental, but I do like celebrating major events, big-number birthdays, and anniversaries. Several years ago, I got 7 presents from my siblings because I hit a big number that year, and that's representative of how my people roll. Anyway, this binge of writing feels like celebrating to the hilt, which suits me just fine.

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