Thursday, March 12, 2015

Terry Pratchett is Gone

I would like to ask 2015 to stop killing people that I care for deeply. This is just terrible news. Terry Pratchett was a skilled writer with an incomparable wit, a vast imagination, and a work ethic that was superlative. And the world is surely less bright for his no longer being in it.

I haven't had time to write here (even to give Leonard Nimoy a proper send off), as I continue to watch one of my relatives die slowly and badly. I will try to take time soon to do some of the writing that I haven't been able to attend to.

But I should add that I am extra upset, as Terry was a brilliant person and he had been diagnosed a while back with premature Alzheimer's, which had an impact on his ability to physically write as well. As I now well know, there's nothing worse than when a person's mind is taken away from them. And, when his problem was first diagnosed, Terry had the style and good humor to break the news in a post that he titled "An Embuggerance." (I can't link to the original post, as Paul Kidby's site has likely crashed)

I love you, Terry, and I already miss you. Rest well.


  1. Jesus, 66 years old! Just horrible news, he was such a unique and wonderful writer

    1. Thank you so much, sweetie! This is terrible. He was a good man, socially-minded and positive, with a limitless wit. The very worst kind of person to lose early...

  2. Such a shame, he will be missed.

  3. It really is the worst, lady t. But those of us who love his work will make sure that he will never be forgotten. Check out the AV Club article that compares him to Vonnegut rather than Adams.


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