Friday, May 1, 2015

Post #888: Great Moments In... Horrible, Horrible Lines

And the award goes to Norman Mailer's Tough Guys Don't Dance, as performed by Ryan O'Neal. Although I've never been much of a fan, I can't blame Ryan here at all. I've heard Mailer is supposed to be an amazing writer, yet this writing is just... pure crap:

I'm sorry that I showed that to you. I suppose that was unfair of me. But, hey, let's salvage the moment by seeing if Mailer himself can talk his way out of that writerly s--tstorm:

Nope. Everybody loses.


  1. I so remember this movie and it's incredibly bad-Mailer really should have listened to the crew on this scene alone(that background music really amps up the awful).

    1. It's really kind of incredible - plenty of good basic ingredients, and yet the result is a category F-5 tornado of suck. It's... the opposite of a miracle.


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