Friday, May 29, 2015

Surprises Let You Know I Care

So, of course, I'll show you I don't care by telling you what reviews are coming up. On the film side, we have Boyhood and Wild, to be followed by Inherent Vice and Two Days, One Night. I'll publish TV entries in between them, for Black Mirror, Utopia, The 100, and Charlie Jade.

Once I've done that, I'm done with my 2014 movie coverage. I don't especially want to watch The Imitation Game or Theory of Everything, I don't think there are any other must-watch movies that were on my radar for 2014, and I am mindful of the fact that it's now almost June.

It's a shame that I won't get to cover more of that year's foreign films (I'm almost annoyed with myself about it), and it's a shame that I couldn't include movies that were kind of on my radar, like Nightcrawler, The Enemy, Laggies, Calvary, Mr. Turner, Goodbye to Language, Frank, A Most Wanted Man...

Worse, though, I feel a little pissed that I didn't see more of Hollywood's films with female subjects. I keep writing here and telling my friends how upset I am with how Hollywood treats women, the female marketing segment, and how they basically think dramatic stories about women won't appeal to anyone. So I should at least see what little they do produce, and mock the offerings when they're inferior. Hell, a big part if why I made a point of including Wild was that I realized my mainstream viewing was a total sausage fest. But, hey that's as bad a bad feminist as I ever get, so I'm still clearly awesome.

Anyway, after those four films, I can complete my 2014 Round-Up, where my opinion on 9 ridiculous movie categories can get parceled out. I'll still do my long-delayed double dips for Gone Girl and Babadook, though I may not get to Lego Movie or Selma (don't worry, I'm sure DJ will publish that review soon). I'll complete my reviews for Carrie, Ex Machina, Mad Max Fury Road, and Avengers 2.

Astonishingly, I will actually try to get all of that posted pretty quickly - in addition to, if I have time, 10 or so further entries that I think are nifty enough to merit the effort.


  1. I'm watching The Theory of Everything this weekend(picked for my mom, as it's her birthday tomorrow) but probably won't blog about it. I do like Eddie Redmayne,having seen him in other films and Felicity Jones was in a Jane Austen adaptation,so I'm good there:)

    You've made a lot of progress on the 2014 film front there,Thaddeus, so don't feel bad. Not sure if I'll see Wild myself(does give off a slight air of pretension, maybe because Witherspoon was such an early Oscar front runner) but will check out Selma before the summer's out.

    Plus, I have a lot of bad movies to watch for August,including Britney Spears in Crossroads and From Justin to Kelly*the horror! the horror!!!*

    1. I commend you for doing some selfless viewing, lady t, but what did you think of the movie itself?

      Wild was great - no pretensions that I could spot - and you should definitely check out Selma. I'm really interested in your thoughts on it.

      Hahahaha, Crossroads is a glorious clusterf--k of insanity, and if it doesn't break you, you will arise like ObI-Wan, stronger than before. As to Justin & Kelly... I have no idea what you're in for, but you may want to tell your loved ones to keep an exorcist on hand, just in case.


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