Monday, September 5, 2011

Tucker & Dale vs Evil looks SO good

The last few weeks, I haven't found much to lure me into a theater. Then I read about the comedy, Tucker & Dale vs Evil, which comes out this Sept 30th. It sounds like the sort of idea I would have but forget to write down before going back to sleep. Damn!

It seems so good, actually, that I'm flat out asking you to rely on my description of the premise and the one video I'll include below. Please don't learn more about this movie, it'll only spoil your fun. I'm gonna have a few drinks to destroy my memories of the way-too-revealing trailer.

The Premise of this dark comedy: Tucker and Dale are two average guys, good ol' boy-types from West Virginia. Respectively, they're played by Alan Tudyk (from Firefly, DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story, Death at a Funeral) and Tyler Labine (from... Invasion and Reaper?). Tucker is thoughtful and perceptive, while Dale is fun-loving and kind. They see some good-looking college kids out for a fun weekend in the woods - but the group is soon convinced that Tucker and Dale are actually psycho hillbillies who want to kill them.

If you see the actual trailer, you'll see too many of the fun beats that are coming our way. That's why I'm happy I saw the video really late last night, and why I'll erase those memories in the next 20+ days. This idea plays perfectly on the cliches of the horror franchise from the 80s to now.

The best part is that these young people sound like the cast of Scream. They know horror films, and are thinking of all the obvious signs and dangers those pix display. As you'll see if you spoil yourself with the trailer or other preview clips, the funniest thing about it is that the group actually puts themselves in danger by acting on what they've learned from years of tv and movies...

Watch the "just smile and laugh" video below. It's a perfect, concise, non-spoiler example of what the film has in store for audiences. Even better, it shows how Tucker and Dale are more complex than you'd expect; these guys may be rednecks, but they're not evil or violent ("redneck" is, in fact, a compliment, but that's a tangent). Laugh your ass off, and join me in picking a day to watch this in a theater.

Right? That's the most concise example I can provide, and I hope it has you as stoked for T&DvE as I am. I'll be glad to shell out my money to watch it. Bless you, Hollywood. You still have (or option) great ideas every now and then, and it's a good reason not to get too jaded towards you; it may be the best/only reason.

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