Wednesday, September 21, 2011

34 Seconds of Movie "NOOO"s

This, of course, ties back to my entry about George Lucas' forthcoming alteration of Return of the Jedi - specifically Darth Vader rescuing Luke from the Emperor while shouting, "No! Noo!" It's all the better given last Thursday's news that Steven Spielberg regrets altering ET to, among other things, give the bad guys walkie-talkies instead of guns. Thank you, Jungian Synchronicity!

The High Definite, which often posts "supercuts," introduced me to this vid, bless their hearts. It's not the best supercut, really - I can recall several movie moments that could've been included - but it's still fairly amusing, and you might like some of their more unusual choices. In other words: (a) great use of Sexy Beast, and (b) I can't believe I got a post-There's Something About Mary laugh from Chris Elliot.

I think this is worth at least one or two broad smiles, especially given that it's just 34 seconds long. I also think this will be funnier in context of my next post, coming tomorrow or the day after.

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