Thursday, September 8, 2011

Great Moments in Film Karma for Animal Cruelty

The clip below is from Steven Seagal's Out For Justice. What's missing is the scene where Seagal jams on his breaks because a plastic Hefty bag has been thrown in front of his car. Inside - an adorable puppy! That's just evil.

Steven, our valiant, street-clearing, elbow-breaking cop remembers only the bumper sticker (guess they didn't train him on license plates). And now, after standing up for the community, beating back the mafia, and avenging his partner's death, our hero finds the guy who tossed a puppy out a car window. With all the cursing they're both supposed to be from NYC or NJ, maybe Yonkers...

And the resulting testicular trauma should feel rewarding for just about anyone. Although, yes, it would've been better to arrest the vile jerk instead of spinning him around and kicking him where it counts. Then again, maybe this was mercy - Steven could've broken the guy's bones.

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