Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Pig with the Froggy Tattoo, Netflix Stock Drop

Let me lead with the talky stuff first. In July, I told Netflix to "eat a bag of ducks" because they hiked fees twice in under a year. I figured they made a bad bet about the bandwidth used by members. I suggested everyone suspend their accounts before the new, pricier billing cycle this month; in conversation, many of my friends agreed.

So... you can imagine how happy I am to learn that Netflix's stock dropped over 13% from losing customers. The AV Club article I linked to here also filled me in on news I missed - Starz will cancel their deal with Netflix; this means that, in Feb 2012, the rental giant will lose streaming rights to pix from Disney and Sony, as well as Starz's original shows. Will their recent launch into Latin America and the Caribbean help them regain lost ground?

Well, at least 13+% isn't that... Oh. Well, at least lots of people don't want to stream movies from Disney and... Oh. Wait, that must hurt. I'm almost crying with laughter; I love it when people get greedy and insensitive, then face a little instant karma. It puts a fresh face on Jason Alexander's commercial for The Netflix Relief Fund, that's for sure.

[Update 9/16/11]: My friend Ash sent me a link to yesterday's techcrunch post. It highlights how (a) Netflix revised their forecasts, as they misjudged the loss of members and (b) confirms the stock dip was 14.9% (double-ouch). He also sent me this great web comic from July, which I hadn't seen before. I'm amazed no one is really talking about Netflix's plan to drop DVDs altogether - which I still feel is climbing Mount Everest, then blowing the damn thing up.

Did you follow my advice and use the free online vid options I suggested? Did you read my earlier post? As you walk on by, will you call my name? Sorry, scratch that Simple Minds reference. With no further comment, I give you the Muppets' teaser trailer for The Pig with the Froggy Tattoo.

I guess the original title would translate as "men puppets who hate women puppets"

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