Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekly link run-down p.1

What pleasures or horrors await us in film this week? Mostly terrors, I'm afraid. Make yourself a mug of cocoa (or some comforting drink) and let's go over a few things...

Genius Skewers the Star Wars Prequels Perfectly

What can I say? It's a perfectly-wrought and hilarious dissection of the Star Wars Prequels Disaster. The reviewer adds a lot of hysterical madness to give these reviews extra punch (inspired by the "Saw" films, maybe?). Although it takes 70 minutes to crush "Phantom Menace" (& 90 for "Attack of the Clones"), it's so funny and entertaining - and dead-on accurate - that it never feels indulgent or drawn-out. I'm so impressed, I'm almost jealous. Massive props go out again to AICN for leading me to this. No matter what problems I have with their reviews/reviewers, they really do bring out some amazing #$@1.

Creepy E*Trade Ad Babies are the basis for a film. Seriously.

Thank you, AV club, for reminding me that no idea is too stupid for Hollywood. Actually, I grew up during the 80s, so I should've remembered that Jim Varney got 9 "Ernest" movies made in 11 years. "Ernest Goes to Camp," "Earnest Goes to Jail," etc... - somewhere, a writer was probably trying to make the first "Memento" or "Brick" or "Pan's Labyrinth" and was turned down because the picture on the right was deemed "more appealing to Americans."

The premise is, as the article states, that a movie will be made solely on the basis of those creepy part-CGI infants that are in recent E-Trade commercials. Yes, Tinsel Town sure isn't interested in things like plot or story. America sends a great image of itself out, huh?

"Splice" Trailer Released

This film looks like a blast, and I sincerely hope it carries through. The names attached since its inception (coincidentally the title to another film I eagerly anticipate) certainly carry enough promise... Lovely.

Hulu carries film premiere
A fine day for this post-internet-film-distribution-post-modern-period. I have no idea if the film is any good, but I'll try to give word within the next two weeks.

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