Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My 100th Post! But Does That Mean Anything?

Not really; yet this 100th post is a good excuse to write a site update. It's nice to write an entry that I know will be less than 1000 words. I'm sure you understand.
And how can I not use the words "The Half a Film Student Hundred" when I've got the chance?

I'll only do it that one time, I swear.

I had this all written out to make the paragraphs flow into each other. Then I decided to just number my points. I'll never know if the result is easier or less pleasing to read - or both/neither. Is it organized, or smooth? If you have any strong feelings either way, let me know.

1st - I have fixed every entry that was turned into one long paragraph. I didn't know it would happen when I switched templates, but I gradually repaired it. You can actually read any post, including the  '09 pieces, without suffering eye damage.

If I were a young actor, I'd choose to be JG-L.
Of course, I'll need a little longer to actually put videos and pictures into every review. Early on, I just focused on writing. I certainly would've done it more, but I was less-experienced with the blogger tools (which were less flexible back then). I'm happy to find a "Zero Effect" trailer now.

I am, however, sort of torn on adding new paragraphs and points to the old posts. Fixing typos and the like feels fine, but...  I dunno, should I be stuck with a record of how I wrote at the start? Some entries could be better... I'll sleep on it, for the time being.

2nd - I'm obviously posting way more often now; three times more. New technology makes it far easier to publish from anywhere. In a cafe, you can use an iPad or laptop; on a train ride, you can write while underground, then post from the exit (or an elevated platform).

Or on the set of "A Christmas Carol."

My point is that the pace is an experiment - but I am committed to it. Of course, this means that breaks are now necessary; it might even justify more of them. And I'm not the sort of guy who'd feel guilty taking a rest, not after tripling my production...

I will, however, add new entries, as warning, to give word when I'll be silent for a while; no more random and indefinite absences.

Actually, come to think of it, I've published 17 times in the last 36 days! F that; I rock.

What's a good stupid name for this milestone? A product model-number name like "HaFS100" and "100-HaFS?" Or do you go modern and fake-hardcore with "½FiSt 100" and "100 HA-FiSt?"

"HalfFiSt 100?" Hmm. Y'know that's not actually bad...

3rd - Perhaps best for readers, I checked the site and added a "Streaming" tag to every review that you can stream on Netflix*. Now you'll know up-front what you can watch right now - to enjoy or feel tortured, to agree or disagree with me.

To be honest, that ease of access is a bit stifling - any of my favorites should be seen on a big screen, not a laptop. But it's useful info, and it's past time I did this. If you're reading the site now, I should make the effort to find out and note it.

4th (and last) - I'm happy that I've kept up this site, and I feel very proud and flattered when people tell me they read it. I'm just as happy to have people disagree with me as I am to hear that I've nailed a review or a point.

You can't teach a hammer to love nails.

Although it's just a silly number, I am happy that I hit #100. I also suppose I should point out that DJ is responsible for two of those posts, so maybe I'm being a jerk. His contributions are high-quality. No matter the accuracy, this site will 10 total posts (maybe 11) for this February. I figure if I can manage that, I have a good chance to keep a 3 times per week pace all year long. [yes, yes "that's what she said."]

I'm glad that I put this much effort into my writing, and that I'm happy with the experience. Also, I'm content with stepping up my efforts. 3 months ago, I realized I'd make 104 posts in 104 weeks; but I'd only hit a once per week average, exactly in time for the 2-year anniversary of Net-flixation. As it is, you'll see 4 entries here in the next 9 days.

Don't forget, I have all these "label" tags now on the site. You can see all my Reviews and Multiple Reviews. You can also scan for particular stuff like Drama, Peter Jackson, Intense Violence, Fan-made Gems, News and Foreign Films entries. It's a quick way to jump around.

Thank you, for reading and visiting the site. I hope you enjoy what you read, that it gives you food for thought... I try.

And that was the Half-FiSt 100, over and done with. Thanks to DJ, for helping me get there. And special thanks to my friend Melissa, who suggested that I do this in the first place. She said it to me long ago, and I can't believe I haven't mentioned that before; she really did inspire me... And I honestly don't think she was just tired of hearing me say my film thoughts out loud.

Until #101,
Half a Film Student

I'll write 'til I'm locked away with Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, and their 12 Monkeys.

* = Keep in mind: streaming availability isn't permanent, so I'll update periodically; I won't note the language selection for foreign films; I added the tag to my Movie Review Quickies, even where only 1 out of 7 can be streamed. Eventually, you will see a new label for free movies on Hulu, IMDb, and other legal options.

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