Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lil Darth, Pick-a-"Living Dead," & Stick Film Cliches

Youtube's sheer size guarantees you'll find something to enjoy. My brother emailed me the link on Saturday, but you likely know my embedded clip already. After a big Superbowl airing, it has been so popular that its suddenly-famous child actor go to meet James Earl Jones in NYC on Tuesday. & if you haven't watched it - well, you'll get to see the long version first...

I don't like hyping ads, generally, but I make exceptions for anything really clever. In this case, I liked it enough that the 2nd link above goes to the NY Post! As if it were a real news source and everything. I recommend you read it, and learn that this adorable 6 year-old has a complicated life. I mean, "he has a pacemaker," complicated...

Moving right along, we have a decent case of fan invention: someone has tried to clip the "Night of the Living Dead" into a pick-your-path adventure. It's only a half-successful effort, tho. The edits and clips are pretty nice - but each video only has one option. "Pick-a-path" requires at least 2 choices, at least twice.

I respect the person's idea, but I've already linked to a vastly superior New Zealand business ad. Yes, an inventive Kiwi pizza chain made a little zombie movie from new footage, and it actually offered multiple paths. I've heard the pizza's good too.

Hopefully, though, the poster will be encouraged to make more videos. With some different choices and experience, I think their taste might produce something really nice down the road.

The opening clip is below, and it will redirect you to the maker's Youtube channel.

Finally, Paul Tassi at put up a stick-figure post, "Things That Always Happen in Movies, But Never Ever in Real Life." Stick figure drawings may seem "so 10 years ago," but movie cliches are far broader and more tiresome. Until they start to become sort of funny, of course...

My top pick is "I never turn on the news and see that what's on is immediately relevant to my situation." I also like "Studying for tests does not go into montage mode." Give it a look...

See you on Monday,
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