Thursday, December 20, 2012

Too Similar?: Justin Bieber vs Corey

It's been a while since I did one of these, & I honestly don't follow pop music anymore - it's not about age, tho. MTV used to be an easy way to check out a variety of new music, but I don't even need to finish this sentence do I?  And for all the great things about NYC, the radio here tends to suck, especially for new tunes... Most importantly, I've had time to collect tons of my own favorites, and to develop my own tastes: electro rock, nu-jazz, downtempo, acid house...

All those genres compete for my time - and I still listen to classic rock, favorite bands like Cake, Garbage, Queen... I might have heard one track once, and I long ago assumed his music is not my style, but I sure have heard this kid's name a lot. And with all that setup, there's no need to draw this entry out further. That photo above is a picture of Justin Bieber that I saw on December 17th, 2012.

His outfit looks stupid - very retro, cutoff denim jackets are silly, and the gold chain is laughable, and he looks like 12 or something, the hair is dumb... I guess I shouldn't criticize too much, as I know that a lot of genuine high fashion can look pretty stupid to my eyes. And we all know my issues with modern teen heartthrob hair, right?
Let's move past all that. You must understand, the instant that I saw that pic, I thought to myself: sweet f--k, this looks like a face I know pretty well. Actually... damn, he looks just like a young Corey Haim, star of The Lost BoysLucas, and License to Drive.

So I went on a little online trek to find old pics of Corey Haim and what I found was 100% proof-positive. All you have to do is look at these two pix of the young, now-departed, Corey Haim. As you can see from the picture above, Bieber has a ridiculous resemblance to one of the most 80's of all 80's stars.

The similarity is uncanny - the boyish face, the super-styled hair... All that's missing is that Haim was actually a star in a variety of popular films, whereas Justin is a wildly-successful recording artist who will turn 19 next March. And that picture two paragraphs above? Haim was 16 when The Lost Boys was filmed.

What's my point? It would be nice to think that Corey Haim found a time travel machine and reworked his whole life. But it's damn odd to me that this child star from Toronto has "a look" that's being replicated by this Stratford, Ontario pop star, but 25 years later.

Maybe I should really blame the stylists, for replicating old fashions and making one kid look like someone from a quarter-century ago... You can see one last pic of Corey on the left - with dark hair, but at least he's wearing shades.

Now scroll back up to Bieber's pic at the top. I swear, the resemblance is just... creepy.


  1. I was thinking the same thing.

    1. Great minds think alike, I guess!

      Honestly, I've been a bit surprised and very gratified by how many hits this site has received from google searches that included the words "bieber" and "haim."


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