Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bad Boys, the Cursing Supercut

Yes, it's time to revisit Bad Boys - again. This entry won't trash a specific part of it, as I did before, or how it relates to the tidal wave of suck that is Michael Bay's respect for his audience, specifically their intelligence and maturity, and whether any of his viewers are, y'know, women who don't like seeing women depicted as... slutty, shallow receptacles.

If I had a daughter and she dated Bay, I would have to hire women to bitchslap the hell out of her; there could be no greater anti-feminist act by a woman. It'd be like a Ukrainian falling in love with Stalin. Yes, that is harsh of me, but Mike should just film porn if that's what he's into - not pretend he's making a movie.

It only pisses me off all the more that these pix make teens stupider because they don't realize they're not even getting any kind of story, much less a three-act story. Meanwhile, every object on screen - except the men - are fetishized to the point that I think I want to wear a condom while watching Mike's work. I know I've used this clip before, but it encompasses him so well:

go to the 1:50 mark. It's only missing an explosion to show his whole motif.

This time out, I'm not going to show you how many explosions there are in Bay's movies. No, today we have a Fan-made Gem supercut of all the cursing in the original BB. Obviously, this post has a strong warning for foul language, since that's all their is. Go, watch, and enjoy a look back (courtesy of BroBible) of what Michael Bay got up to his very first time out.

Seriously, there's like 20 curses in the first 4 minutes:

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