Friday, December 21, 2012

Honest Trailers: Prometheus

I gotta say, DJ's review of Prometheus made me feel sad. When I predict that a movie will suck - and it's not by Michael Bay or Paul W.S. Anderson, etc. -  and it ends up being awful, I don't feel all superior and proud and happy; no, I have those feelings anyway, all the time.

But I hope that movies will be made well, and be worth the investment of time and money on behalf of all involved. So, even though I wrote one article dismissing the announced premise behind this Alien reboot, and another claiming the just-released trailer still promised a suck-fiesta, I wasn't thrilled to read that the movie had an insane, senseless story to match its overdone symbolism and great special effects.

When you have pros like Elba, Fassbinder, Theron, Pierce, Rapace, and Ridley Scott, you really expect more than what audiences got. Unless you're a mean little jerk, you don't want these quality professionals to be involved with something that straight-up stinks. It's not like they're Rob Schneider, or post-1999 Adam Sandler.

So let's watch what the Honest Trailers crew did with the movie. I could've posted this months ago, but I had other Fan-made Gems I wanted to share. This is quite funny, and I hope you'll like it - though the voiceover sounds like a Batman impression. I love the comments about Rapace's surgery, the heart rates, the map guys...

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