Monday, December 24, 2012

The Mass Effect Cartoon

Hello, all, the schedule for this week: today's Fan-made Gem will be followed by my Holiday movie review, which I'll posted once it's done. If that's this afternoon, fine - if it's tonight, also fine. This is my 15th straight full day of work, so tomorrow is most likely. I have entries ready for the week, with Thursday getting the big Year-End Roundup for 2012. I'm only missing a post for this Saturday, but I'm not going to worry about that right now. I'll try to go out to the movies tomorrow while I get some much-needed rest...

Technically, this is as much a Fan-made Gem as it is a Site Oddity, because I only write about games in my two You Shoulda Been A Movie entries. Then again, this is a movie blog, yet Net-Flixation has almost 30 posts about TV. Hell, I never even played Mass Effect! But I do enjoy a good joke...

It's also a Site Oddity because I've had this post ready for at least 5 months: IGN created the below video as an April Fool's Day joke this year, and I found out about it through Comics Alliance. Sure, it's way old now, but it's exceptional, really, because of what it does with a complicated story about (I looked this up) an unsteady alliance of various alien races who all struggle with each other before learning that they all share a mutual, unstoppable enemy. I figure this popular gaming franchise may well lead to a film series, so it's not too off-topic...

The real reasons I'm posting this video below are that (a) it's quite funny, even with slight knowledge of the characters and settings, and (b) this perfectly matches the tone of so many ridiculous 80's and 90's cartoons. It's like seeing a trailer for Inception in the style of an episode of Jem and the Holograms. Which is, now that I write those words, a pretty neat idea.

Anyway, this clip made me laugh really hard, and I hope it does so for you, too:

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