Sunday, December 23, 2012

Reviewing with Others, Pt. 33: Sexy Baby

This isn't just another week, another indie movie review - it's also my 200th post this year! I don't want to half-ass anything, much less my writing, so I chose to end the year strongly and keep posting straight through the holidays. In fact, at present, there's only one remaining day in 2012 for which I don't have a post ready... It's the little things, right?

Today, I saw Sexy Baby, a documentary about how the modern sense of female sexuality is completely skewed, and how it can affect women. I am on record as being an egalitarian and feminist, but it's clear that this doc tackled an important subject: how modern porn, music, and advertising have influenced the public attitudes toward sex, and how this perception might have an unhealthy impact on real-life women of all ages - especially young girls who are just coming into their own.

I liked this documentary a lot, and I thought it was (at least somewhat) important; it deals with real issues, and I loved that. I think you should see it, too. You can read the rest of my opinion over here at Man, I Love Films. Enjoy!

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