Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fan-made Comic Con Interview Gem

This is pretty funny. The interviewer talks to all these costumed people and just screws around with them, but everyone's in on the joke. The eskimo kiss montage is also brilliant!

I haven't been to any kind of convention since I was 16 or so, but I would have been happy to join this guy as he teases everyone in sight without actually offending them. In particular, I was impressed by the woman dressed up as Power Girl. She gives the perfect reaction shot.

You'd think some people might feel insulted, but it's clearly in the best possible spirit. Well done!


  1. Well, except for the one Wonder Woman that he tells that he's gonna go look for others with bigger breasts. Ouch.

    1. actually, considering he mocked a guy for being a pudgy Ryu, and yet no one got mad, I think he let them know he was gonna mess around with 'em...

      that was harsh, tho.


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