Monday, December 17, 2012

Great Moments in... Behind the Scenes Footage

In early October, Flavorwire posted a great entry on 10 different behind the scenes clips from famous films. I really enjoyed this article - as I hope you do - this is a neat insider's look into works that we all know so well. I was especially happy for some of the things I learned from it.

I'm not a cheap jerk, so I won't try to make Alison Nastasi's piece into my own; she obviously put a lot of smart, hard work into her job, and that deserves respect. What I will do is include the clip that I loved the most, and strongly recommend that you follow the link yourself. It's definitely going to be worth your while.

My favorite footage - interviews on the set of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I didn't know the guy who played Riff Raff created the whole musical! While he was unemployed! I liked seeing an extremely young Tim Curry talking about his first film, and the difference between doing the role on stage and for the cinematic release... Enjoy, everyone!

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