Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reviewing with Others, Pt. 32: Duck Beach

Double-dammit. Well, I was surprised with a request to work 16 hours over the weekend, and I'm on pace to hit just shy of that - 14. The result was that I got to watch the movie for this week's Reviewing with Others, but I haven't finished or scheduled the review yet. And so this post went up 30 minutes after I got into work.

I'm off of work at 6, so let's say it'll be up by 9PM over at Man, I Love Films. I'll update the previous sentence with a link and post a little "[Update]" sentence at the bottom of this post to confirm.

What do you have to look forward to this time out? Duck Beach, a documentary about a 12-13 year-old Mormon tradition. As having children is one of the most important requirements of their religion, single Mormons in their 20's-30's take the Memorial Day weekend to descend on a beach off the coast of North Carolina. Their purpose is the same: to find their "eternal mate."

It's a good documentary, and well worth watching. At 75 minutes, Duck Beach doesn't overstay its welcome; although there are a few things it could have added, DB treats its subject with respect as well as a realistic sense of humor. It's pretty damn funny to watch folks "wildin' out" by drinking Mountain Dew - or, as one of the beach-bound Mormons put it: Girls Gone Mild.

[12 minutes later than I predicted, motherb--ches! Pretty good for a guy that worked a 65-hour week, 14 of which were yesterday and today.]

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