Thursday, December 6, 2012

Great Moments in... Film Parody: Die Hard XII

There is something beautiful about The Ben Stiller Show. I may not have the greatest opinion of his later works, but that tv show built a lot of cred for Stiller, and with good reason. As such, I present to you now the awesome spoof that was featured on his series, Die Hard 12: Die Hungry.

A lot of people remember this skit, and if you don't, I hope you're in for a great big laugh. I honestly can't tell if this will hold up so well, so many years after it came out; or maybe I'm just entranced by a red-headed version of uber-hottie Janeane Garofalo. 

Maybe you're not convinced?

Well, if you don't believe how much I liked The Ben Stiller Show and its genius (and lament the dumbening of his later years), just watch this roast of Jerry Stiller, which features Jason Alexander cracking wise like a boss, and Ben getting to mock his own dad. Jason took a moment to mock the cancellation of Ben's series, and he was very right to do it.

It's a shame - one worth crying about - that I find post-2000 Ben Stiller to be such an unfunny guy. It's possible that success took more from him than it gave to audiences - at least audience members with decent taste. He wouldn't be the first comedic genius that seems to lose most of his steam for no obvious reason (only his late movies, in Mel's case)...

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