Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Too similar?: Eric Stoltz vs Suzy Amis

Surely, you've seen pictures of "x random person" who's a movie star lookalike. And you've seen those "separated at birth" photos, too, probably. Well it's my turn, so I'll focus on an attractive actress named Suzy Amis and an attractive actor named Eric Stoltz.

The photo on the right is of Stoltz, a well-known actor who got his start in the 80s. He's appeared in many comedies, dramas, indie films... He was the main star of Some Kind of Wonderful.

No, you'd've seen him in more than that. Recently, he was in a SyFy tv show called Caprica. He's the lead in Killing Zoe (yay!), The Prophecy and The Fly II. He was also in Rob Roy, Kicking and Screaming, Say Anything..., Singles, and Jerry Maguire.

Oh, what am I, on crack? You do know him - as Lance in Pulp Fiction! Yeah, he plays Travolta's drug dealer who helps him out when Uma's in trouble. Everyone remembers that dude because they remember the whole awesome scene.

On the other side of the world, you have Suzy Amis, who is James Cameron's current (and 5th!) wife. She played Jeff Bridges' spouse in 1994's Blown Away. I mean the one with Tommy Lee Jones as the villain, not the skinemax thriller with Nicole Eggert, Corey Haim, and Corey Feldman.

Amis has always had a striking, atypical look, so I'm surprised her CV isn't bigger. She's a pretty, thin red-head with vivid eyes and an unusual jawline.

Notice any similarity? Yeah, that's Suzy Amis. I'm not making a big deal out of nothing, am I?

Maybe this one picture isn't enough for you. Maybe you believe in the scientific method. Let's look harder, ok? On one hand, you have a picture like...:

And then, I'm forced to think of Amis' stunning turns in The Usual Suspects. Maybe even her support role from Titanic, as Rose' granddaughter. First I, and now you, the reader, can't help but compare his visage to this:

It's jarring. It's like being in a desert and seeing an oasis, but it's not really there. What is truth, and what is illusion? Please, tell me!

As intended, your brain is probably caught in an infinity-loop of possibilities, and you've gone from thinking about her in Judgment Day (not T2, it had Mario Van Peebles and Ice T) to pondering Eric in Bodies, Rest & Motion.

It could happen. Maybe you have a thing for 90s movies, or Bridget Fonda. Maybe you have a thing for gingers, people with pretty eyes... No matter what, you can't help but also think of the guy who, when you get down to it, gave a brilliant performance as "Rocky" in Mask (I mean that). Of necessity, you compare Suzy's face to this image on the left:

Look over all those pix from before. These two are not relatives. They are both actors (not sexism, it's the industry standard term) who have been in major motion pictures and things that most of you out there have seen. They have each shown versatility and skill in their respective roles, each of them has natural charisma. Hell, you might just know them from looking up articles on their current or former gfs/bfs!

So how under the sky do we get one man and one woman, who look so alike yet aren't siblings? It's not like Highlander where the immortal protagonist changes names over time - Amis and Stoltz are contemporaries! And there's actually no familial connection? Is it because of time travel? Is she here to get pregnant with his own father or something?

I cannot provide answers or explanations. I cannot say why two people - born just one year apart, no less - have no apparent relationship, other than looking really, really similar. I can only thank the stars above that I am not attracted to either of these good-looking performers. No matter what my gender or orientation, I'd never know who I was fantasizing about. These two people could undermine a person's whole sense of sexuality; it must be a terrible power to wield.

Perhaps it's true that in science, nothing is impossible. All I can claim is that if they ever met - or heaven forbid, had children - my experience with movies predicts humankind's doom. I'm thinking the 28 Days Later kind, not the Village of the Damned kind.

And I have to think that if I met a woman who looked that much like me, I'd really need to sit down with her and ask about her life...


  1. I was just watching a tom selleck movie, "um last stand and something river" and suzy plays his wife Molley. Anyway, I'm sitting here watching the movie, and all I can think is, "HEY! can anyone else see that she looks like Eric Stoltz?" I mean it's freakin uncanny! really, and they arent related! I'm slightly trippin on how close their features are to one another and they arent cousin's or brother and sister, nothing. wow. I'm a ginger, and i dont resemble any other red head. I have my own distinct looks that are only linked to my siblines, no other ginger. Just cuz we are red heads doesnt mean we all look alike...

  2. Yes, redheads are unique & special like everyone else. Still, Stoltz and Amis are like mirrors.
    Now I gotta wonder if you were watching a Tom Selleck movie, or if you were watching a Tom Selleck's mustache movie.


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