Friday, August 5, 2011

Netflix, American Psycho's Eateries, and Cracked Filmshop Contest

Today, I'm going to quickly cover 3 online entries that are about the film world. First up is an article on Netflix. The second is a guide to restaurants mentioned in American Psycho. I'll mention the Cracked B-movie Poster Photoshop Content last, but pictures from it are all over this post. I'm like that.

Although it's not a response to my awesome post on Netflix' new pricing scheme, The AV Club released an article this week on the same topic. It's called (in part) "The Convenience Trap," & it's thoughtful, going into more depth about the subtext behind the change - what it says about businesses, entertainment, and the potential effect on Netflix users and online video watchers.

The article also touches on one issue that especially irked me; namely, Netflix destroying and then abandoning the physical video rental market. "Sell both smartly, stupid," seemed like a fair response on my part. Hey, The AV Club staff is professional (paid), and they add an interesting two cents on the topic.

ScoutingNY has a nice entry called "Patrick Bateman's New York." If you ever saw American Psycho, you know that the movie doesn't simply obsess over banal 80's music or the perfect type of business card for the successful. No, no! It spends a lot of time on restaurants - the perfect place for the elite to have a date, to take a "sex friend," or to impress a client/coworker.

This is a genius idea, I think. Christian Bale spends almost as much time talking about restaurants as he does being a self-disintegrating creep and murdering people. A resulting shot game might prove lethal...

Any fan of the movie should will enjoy the discussion about all the eateries and nightspots. It describes each one in the context of the picture, tells you their location and whether they're still around. It even goes over old (or current, where appropriate) reviews of the places that are mentioned. For New Yorker who loves film, it's a treat.

Finally, Cracked released the results of an awesome, open-to-readers, photoshop contest to create B-movie-style posters for tons of different, non-B films. If you're not familiar with the idea behind B-posters, they tend to be cheap-looking and use some aspect of the picture in a blunt, crass, or silly way. The Fargo poster is up top, but the one to the right is probably my favorite. I leave it to you all to decide (and tell me) which ones you prefer.

You may think the entire style is lame or stupid. I think, at best, that you would call it "kitsch," and leave it at that. Still, no matter what, you must remember that lots of inspiration has been drawn from this exact same style. Hell, even Raiders of the Lost Ark owes its existence to that genre. You did a sweet job, Cracked readers!

I hope you all enjoy these links, and I hope you're enjoying August as much as I am!


  1. I loved that Cracked contest, one of the best they've had for a while.
    I liked the 12 Angry Men poster a lot.

    You've reminded me that I've never even see American Psycho yet, I've been meaning to check it out though.

  2. Thanks, Jack! So many of them are so good. 12 stood out to me, as did Teen Wolf. It, reimagined as a creepy supernatural stalker movie, makes horrifying sense.

    As for AP, try this mini-review: I can't say I really liked "American Psycho." For some, it was "Clockwork Orange," really. It's an intentionally sick movie with A-level production and acting, 2 hours of period horror/slasher/drama with a deranged guy who's performed and directed by geniuses.

    The 80's references, and self-awareness, are potent. "APsycho" is still a very nihilistic (possibly existentialist?) work focusing on a harsh/helpless madman, so I'd never insist someone see it. Vulgar, but with purpose, it's like a rollercoaster designed to make you sick. And it's still pretty and quite fun.

  3. Interesting, I'm not sure if I'll enjoy it, but it seems like something I should watch.
    Kind of essential viewing really, considering how often it gets referenced and stuff...
    Nice short review, very well done.

  4. The scene where the guys are talking about business cards is almost add chilling as the Huey Lewis murder scene. Great review Thaddeus and those posters are hysterical.

    1. Thank you so much! If I find a few more good American Psycho clips, I'll probably give it its own tag. The Pokemon bit is just genius, and Huey + Weird Al = comedy gold.

      Don't thank me for the posters - Cracked has accumulated a lot of home runs over the years...


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