Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How It Should Have Ended: Harry Potter

You don't always have to agree with someone to like their jokes, do you? Well, that's how I feel about the website How It Should Have Ended. They have web comics, self-made videos, reviews, and more. I can't give them my complete approval, because they are surprisingly positive about some sucky movies. I'm particularly referring to Tron: Legacy (4 stars?) and the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake (3 stars?!).

As... um, lenient or easily satisfied as they may be, I still find their H.I.S.H.E. videos to be funny, and I loved the one they made for the Harry Potter franchise. If you've read the books, you can see that their take is not only full of honest characterization, but it's funny and smart. You may even prefer it to the ending that you read somewhere by yourself. Or to the final act that you saw in a crowded theater (just scroll up slightly).

I like this Snape better than in the books or the films! He's like C3PO as a cool spy.

I got a kick out of the smart use of images and moments from the series, the clever resolution, and the interaction between the characters. I'll say "thank you" to the How It Should Have Ended people, and I think you should too. Thoughts?


  1. Wow, great site! Thanks for pimping it here so I could discover it!

    Just watched Avatar and Inception also. Funny. With the Inception one, I got the idea that it was the kind of humor that Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg are going for, only ... successful at being funny.

  2. Thanks, Vance! I write so much that I feel a little guilty saying "oh just check this out." But I try to pick something fun and cool and useful, and HISHE certainly fits that bill.

    And, yeah, I'm really glad that they display better humor than Seltzer and Friedberg. Just think: there are comedians like Andy Kaufman whose jokes could be just as lame, but intentionally; Friendberg and Seltzer don't have those kind of options, do they?...


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