Monday, August 29, 2011

Tumblr of Corp. Logos in Film, Say/Hear Anything

Fauxgo is a site that lists various fictitious company logos from movies.  Among others you might recognize is the Weyland-Yutani symbol from Alien and Aliens, or the "i" for Mr. Incredible, or the Duff beer label.
It's certainly a useful page if you want to research an article, or look up a fake corporate logo without, y'know, actually having to carefully watch a movie again. This website isn't just a pleasure, it might help me decide on a tattoo! I was pleasantly surprised to find the symbol for Cyberdyne Systems from The Terminator. Who knew it was a pyramid divided by a capital "Y?"

I'm also pointing out Lloydtube, a site that's a little weird to use. It's a pastel-screened image cap of John Cusack holding up his stereo; the scene is, of course, from the well-loved Say Anything... The neat thing about this comes from the box at the bottom of the page.

See, that box lets you add the audio from any youtube link. The static image that's the background may be boring to many of you. However, I love imagining what it would be like if Lloyd tried to win back Diane with "snook svett och tarar," an awesome song by the Swedish rap group. Check out my version here.

Do you like it, too? What song do you wanna throw in there? Or are you gonna go outside the box and put in the audio from some other youtube clip? In terms of really minor distractions, it's gotta be one of the most useful things I've ever found on the web.


  1. Two great finds.

    The only real problem with Fauxgo right now is how new/light it is. To make matters worse, on the four pages they have, I saw the logo for Dinoco twice. Ooops. Still, it's always a fun trip down memory lane seeing those, and as the husband of a graphic designer, I can appreciate how good some of them really are.

    I missed not seeing the one for Tarantino's Red Apple cigarettes, too.

    The Lloydtube thing is bizarre but funny. I don't know who thinks to do something like that, but I'm kinda grateful for having them.

    Here's my Lloydtube creation:

  2. That's a great song choice, Dylan! I laughed hard. It IS weird, but it's fun to have so many musical choices to put to that classic moment. Would Lloyd win her back with Tool's "Sober?" How about "Ziggy Stardust?" Or "Enter Sandman?"

    You're dead-on about Fauxgo. There really needs to be a database like that, and I hope increased traffic and attention makes the site-keepers work harder at quality and quantity.

  3. I'm gonna recommend the two sites to Kai for when (if) he does another Kaiderman's Web post culling cool, geeky things from around the web.

    Oooh, just thought of another great Lloyd song: Closer by NIN. :D Enter Sandman's a nice one, too.


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