Monday, August 1, 2011

Pick your reviews, yall; August is gonna be dull

Which, I know, is an awful bit of self-promotion... Still, it's been 8 weeks since I've posted a site update - now I only have site updates scheduled for August. At least today's will be different and quick.

I'll take requests/suggestions/etc for films to cover. I have a long list of things to review - all the other Miyazaki pix, more from Cronenberg, Hitchcock, The Ramones in Rock n Roll High School, Rian Johnson's The Brothers Bloom... Still, there are many movies I haven't heard of, forgot about, or lost in the middle of my rental queue. If you'd like to see me tackle something, just call 'em out.

Of course, some requests are less likely to happen than others. I'm almost guaranteed to bounce pointless garbage - so probably nothing with a "4" (or higher) in the title, Human Centipede, X random porn film title, Breillat, The Brown Bunny, Michael Bay's work). And not anything I've seen & failed me in every possible way like Curse of the Golden Flower. I don't know that anyone can make a convincing argument for those...

And preferably, nothing with Martin Short or some of my other least-liked comedians. If their role dies horribly in the particular movie, maybe - or if you're suggesting the one effort that you think "justifies" their style/career/technique...

I've got some decisions to make for the blog, and all I know is I'm not sticking to the M-W-F schedule this week. DJ is preparing an article, but it's not clear when that'll be ready. You could try checking out all my Action entries, or perhaps my Foreign Film work, or my various Recommendations.

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