Wednesday, December 14, 2011

George Lucas in Love: a classic Fan-made Gem

Yet another quality vid I should've pointed out earlier. In 1999, some young genius was inspired by the film Shakespeare in Love. SiL might have annoyed some, but I remember enjoying it in the theater as a good romantic meta-comedy, which, like the modern-day George Lucas, rehashed everything you've seen before, whether you wanted that or not. GLiL, however, was accessible, quick, and funny.

In that way, SiL was like Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, which made the stupid-but-entertaining choice to show Indy getting his whip, hat, chin scar, and fear of snakes all in one freakishly-eventful day (it was fun, if preposterous and reductive). Yet SiL still carried its burden as a comedy with love at its core, while playing through plots and jokes that came straight out of the works of the titular 17th-Century writer.

In much the same way, GLiL shows the story of a young Lucas suffering from writer's block while at film school. Much like Joseph Fiennes' Shakespeare, inspiration is all around him, yet it can't come together yet until he gets some wisdom to balance out his passions. The result is just excellent.

Not only did this short win multiple awards, George Lucas liked it so much that he wrote a letter to the film-makers, praising them on their work. Hell, I'd've thought he'd just sue them...

What's really astonishing is that this short masterpiece has an IMDb entry, as well as a page on Wiki and Yahoo! Movies, but it's not on Youtube. At all, even though it was a big hit.

What gives? The famous Google-owned (but not -created) vid repository has all sorts of junk on it. You can learn how to do a beehive hairdo, see sweet music videos, and watch tv news-caster snafus or morons playing around moronically. How is this entertaining work not to be found on Youtube?

It's weird, but it doesn't really matter. I looked around on the web and found a site that would allow me to embed off of them, and you can check that out below. I hope you get a lot of great, hearty laughs from it; I did.

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