Friday, December 23, 2011

Some End of Year Videos

I (should) have one post left before 2012. I've got a lot to do before the year ends, and I can't be certain I'll find time for more. So, like yesterday's post on news and links, I'm closing out 2011 by putting up some videos that I've found during my 2-month blogging break. Enjoy, please.

RedLetterMedia announced that they're adding a new Plinkett review soon. They've just finished a live-stream marathon of all the earlier Plinkett works, and I'm looking forward to a break from their cool Half in the Bag series. Their funny, thorough take on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull went up today. Below is the trailer for the review. I'm sure it'll be a fun ride for all of us.

Great "Emperor" voice, right?

Dangerous Minds was good enough to introduce me to a Pulp Fiction fan-cut. This one's edited into the chronological order of the film's events. It's a brand-new way of looking at a picture that all of us saw and most of us love.

Moving right along, a troupe of performers has decided to make two great things great together. Yes, I'm talking about Aliens On Ice. So cool!

Somebody went both retro and foreign to produce the hysterical Danger 5: The Diamond Girls. It's a web series (up to part 5 so far), and it's very inspired. The show seems to be set in the 60's, where a group of foreign agents with the best boss ever race to stop Hitler and his various schemes to conquer the world.

Don't you wish you had an eagle-headed boss?
It's shlocky, camp, inventive, wry, insane, and charming. I love it! I love it all night long.

I love the card trick.

Finally, I owe yet another debt to the AV Club for introducing me to this awesome, fan-made, stop-motion version of the opening sequence from Raiders of the Lost Ark! Anyone with good taste reveres this action classic, and you might get a kick out of how it was recreated...

And that's pretty much it for this year, my friends. I might try to get one or two posts out, but even if I don't change my mind or find something suitable, I promise I'll make it worth your while in 2012. I hope you all have a great holiday weekend and wish you all a happy new year! Thanks for reading.

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