Thursday, February 9, 2012

How is this a Star Wars Winter?

What the hell? I wanted to write about different topics, and now I'm virtually PR. I'm getting as bad as those "yoda-man" ads. Those GD yoda-man ads that gave me a license to feel contempt towards a man way more successful than me on every level.

So, we've got The Phantom Menace: 3D: Rise of the Death of that Series You Liked coming out this week. I already gave a shout out to the fan-made recreation of the original SW - on Jan 30th! And today I've gotta boost even more Star Wars online incredibleness.

Some Internet uploader called "Jambe Davdar" has released The Empire Strikes Back as a super-commentary video. The entire movie plays out, but sometimes you get the audio of a 1980 Carrie Fisher interview, or captions explaining who's in the frame. You might see multiple, alternate takes of the same scene, or a whole section through animatics, or test shots, or off-hours footage.

Since Empire has one of the best soundtracks ever, it's incredibly easy to listen to. But for fans of the film, the chance to hear behind-the-scenes stories is a treasure. It's so cool to watch one of your favorite movies - in a whole new way! - while learning how it was made. This is great.

Thank you, Vimeo, and thank you, Jambe! It gets even better: follow the links to see that Star Wars and Raiders have received the same treatment already.

[02/10/12 UPDATE: The geniuses at Red Letter Media started a Phantom Menace Phun Phriday! They updated their tPM review so that it's in 3D (and added some out-takes), and they released a funny 2-part audio commentary that can be played alongside the movie. Yes, this last month has really got its head stuck up Star Wars' backside...

As a final... oh, help me, as a final SW shill, someone on Uproxx took the ads for tPM's 3D re-release and set it to death metal; see it below. Truly, this is a glorious time, even if it's not appropriate for Black History Month.

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