Monday, February 20, 2012

Who's shilling The Bodyguard?

Please check out AV Club's news post on how Whitney Houston's mediocre The Bodyguard has disappeared from Netflix Instant following the celebrated singer's untimely death. There are quotes from two separate Netflix execs. The first says that the movie was pulled recently because WB is trying to make more money off the DVD; the second says it's not been stream-able for a year.

It's as awful as when Heath Ledger died, if it's true. I'll refrain from further comment.

[UPDATE 2/21/12]
In more Netflix news, they just announced a deal with The Weinstein Company. Some movies owned by the Weinsteins will stream on Netflix before they do any cable channel. Others will be on Netflix Instant exclusively., and not appear on any cable channel at all. Opine as you will.

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