Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vids! Requiem for a Dream in 60 Seconds - by puppets! Karate rap, RotJ filmumentary

Happy belated V-Day, everybody! I have not-thematically appropriate videos to share with you!

They say that brevity is the soul of wit, and I sometimes agree. To that end, we've got 5 great videos to tide you over while you recover from yesterday. The Virgin Radio Fake Film Fest produced a few pleasures, and two of them are here below. First, we've got the hysterical Harry Potter series in 60 seconds:

And then, because it's apparently Star Wars Month, we come to Screenjunkies' "honest trailer" for TPM's 3D re-release. A lot of their added narration is quite funny, tho I don't like people saying that Lucas "ruined the franchise. He just senselessly wasted an opportunity and lied about filming a professionally-written story.

I should also mention that the genius behind the SW and ESB film-umentaries has now also released a similar treatment for Return of the Jedi. Like the other vids in the series, it runs the full length of the movie, so click the "HD" option. It loads more quickly in standard def. Bask in its warming glow!

Nice, right? Well, get ready for me to blow your socks off with Requiem for a Dream in 60 seconds - as done by puppets. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful...

And for those of you that thought martial arts was ruined by The Karate Kid, get ready for a deeper, more humiliating disappointment. It seemed so fitting to close this post with the Karate rap:

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