Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fan's Mom Recounts The Matrix

I guess it's past time for me to ask you a Question: Have you ever watched a movie with someone who really didn't get what was going on? It might've been a friend who was drunk or high, it might've been someone who was cooking while hearing the movie from another room, or missed 20 crucial minutes. Hell, it might've been someone who's... not so bright.

I have to believe that we've all been there at some point. Lots of movies can be dense or badly-written. Plenty of viewers have limited attention spans, or aren't very perceptive.

What I have for you today comes courtesy of Clipnation. It's shows what happened when a film fan watched The Matrix with his mom, then recorded (and animated!) her response when asked the (apparently) not-so-simple question: what happened in this movie?

All I will add is that the results are hilarious:

Now might be a good time to consider asking your own relations what the plots of certain pictures actually were. The replies might be nearly as funny as the one for this fine film...

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