Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Schedule For July-Sept

I might not update the About page for this site, but I'll add this update here and now (and no, it doesn't count as one of this week's four posts). I will have indie movie reviews up every Wednesday at 6PM Eastern time, and Sunday at 3PM Eastern time. I've already been doing that for a couple of weeks, but the schedule is now set, and it's set to run through the end of September, at least.

This creates an obvious problem, as I like to publish - as regular readers already know - one review, one Fan-made Gem, one Question, and one "random" entry per week. Since these Reviewing with Others entries are going to be so prominent, something's gotta give. It wouldn't even be a problem, save that (a) I haven't received many Questions from people outside myself or DJ lately, and (b) I've had these rotating entries - every two weeks, there's a Great Moments in... post and once a month, I dedicate something to the wonderful Mr. Bill Murray.

But, since I'm running out of steam on Questions - and I had hoped to do two years straight before stopping - it'll probably by the Questions that get dropped in August. Honestly, I can consider these Murray and Great Moments in... posts to be Gems in their own way, so I needn't worry on the score of "found some entertaining/edifying vids for my readers."

Or, perhaps, on any other score, either. I have a great set of entries ready for August and September (Sept. is always a banner/blow-out month on this site), and I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I will. All I'll say now is that I've got a lot for you to enjoy - including a look at some great retro TV shows, and reviews of a couple of my all-time favorite films.

Friends and strangers, a good time should be had by all. I'll see you tomorrow at 6PM with a new indie film review!

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