Thursday, August 7, 2014

QftWo 84-8/10: Imposters #63 - The Purge: Anarchy

I really like this poster. The picture is unusual and has a bit of depth to it - so many elements, but it's not a cluttered image - which makes it interesting. The mostly grayscale color palette does a nice job of offsetting the ominous look to the guy and the dystopian look to the background. This coloring also does a lot to make the red tone of the title stand out.

And, hey, anything that makes that title work better is a blessing. Anyone who saw the original (I didn't) or read up about it (I did) knows that the movie's premise is one night when total anarchy reigns on the streets. It would've been far better if they had just given it the title, The Purge 2: Even Purgier or The Purge 2: Purg-atory (oooh).

In short, this ad really pops, and the makers deserve a lot of credit for it - even if I have no interest in seeing The Purge: Anarchy. Sadly, the second subway promo isn't as impressive:

I like the familiar-but-changed line, but it really sounds like the slogan for some sort of international modeling association.

Then things went totally bar-s--t crazy when I realized there were 2 more of these grey subway ads. My respect for the artists that made these rose quite a bit.

And, although it may seem like overkill, I like the idea of these 3 posters conveying the range of horrors that come out on Purge Night or whatever the hell the film calls it.

On one hand, you have the first poster's generalized image of urban dystopia, with dissent and decay and government control all around. On the other, you have the creepy/tense sight of the gang, that classic enemy to civilization's desire for peace and safety. And, in the third ad, you have a motherf--king Juggalo with a chain gun.

It's engaging - and, when you think a about it, pretty sobering. The images are beautifully-made, with color schemes are quite easy on the eyes. But I must admit I nearly spat out my coffee when I also saw the small-scale graphic of the lackluster subway version that they decided to put on top of taxis. (I wasn't gonna die to get a closer shot)

And then that same ad, in a lightly-larger format, was at the top of a subway entrance.

It's like these posters are stalking me.

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