Friday, March 4, 2011

"Taxi Driver" back in theaters! Also, I Pimped Myself Out

If you're a fan of "Taxi Driver," then you'll be happy to know that it'll be re-released in select theaters this month, March 19th and 22nd. If you've never seen it, now's the time to find out why this performance - and that famous line - have become such staples. Here's the link to location listings; sorry, New Mexico.

De Niro is very easy to admire, and this is a great starting point to understand the adoration he's received. In truth, I wish the guy would find work that's genuinely challenging. I mean, once you've parodied your own work in bad movies... Well, Martin Scorsese's freak-filled street-life story may explain how Robert's work is still defended, revered, and appreciated.

I know what you're thinking: "Taxi Driver" better be really good.

Which makes my second bit of news all the funnier, because I kinda/sorta pimped myself out last month. I'm a member of The Large Association of Movie Blogs - LAMB, for short. They're nifty, and highlight over 800 people who submit their blogs to contribute to try to form a film cornucopia. In addition to its own articles, some of the members put up requests or notices.

Well, The Flick Chick put up a request in December, asking people for help with a special project. Her smart idea: after the Oscar nominations are announced, start posting reviews for every single Best Picture winner, from the start to 2010. Good move, right?
Some movies had been snagged already, but I found something that suited me perfectly: Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Rebecca" - his first of only two Best Picture winners (and, technically, both went to the studio, not to him).  Review a Hitchcock film? Hell yes. With Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine? Again, hell yes.

Have you seen "Rebecca?" What did you think of it?

I watched and sent my review along. In short, I enjoyed the picture, with reservations. My thoughts have been published, and you can read it on The Flick Chick's site. Or here, next Tuesday. For my part, it's a real pleasure to look at her blog and see that great big collaborative effort. Go, read, enjoy.

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