Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yes, F Yeah Strutting Leo got its own entry

I referred to - and used - this several times in my "Inception" review. Let me just say this flat-out: The Strutting Leo Meme is a wonderful work of post-post-post-post-modern art.

It's not the sort of thing I'd usually hype. This was the meme that actually made me pay attention when another, even better one, popped up.

I mean, this
is funny enough

but the many great variations you can find on one compilation page alone are just a gift. An unexpected one, at that.

"Leo, like many Italian-Americans, had a large family."

I guess it's just another way that Christopher Nolan was a blessing in these troubled times. I mean, in addition to all the many things his "Inception" accomplished, it gave us a brief glimpse of a world where Leonardo DiCaprio just smiles, cocks his head, and kicks off to his fate. Him, his strut, and that radiant, raw joy are all he needs.

When you're in a city like New York, you never know what sort of danger you might find you. All of a sudden everything's gone mad - your life depends on a few things that have nothing to do with fairness or justice.  What happens when crooks are everywhere, and you need someone - anyone - to save you?

And, as much as I love letting you readers discover things for yourselves, I'd have to include this as well:
Betcha anything Leo nabbed the loot and got out alive. Look at him.

Oh, help me someone! He just looks so freaking happy! It's been years since I've felt that good. It's so fascinatingly positive, and clearly it's somewhat universal. This meme is just perfect.

Click to embiggen. It's perfect.

Or consider the ramifications when this happy stroller is unleashed on the world at large...

"DiCaprio, his unusual technique proving strong in the final turn..."

Fine, maybe it's just "perfect" for me. I won't waste more of your time, you can do that yourself at the site with a curseword in the url.

I have a serious and long article coming up to kick off the weekend, so I wanted to introduce something light first. Enjoy, please! I'll leave with what little dignity I can.


  1. lol...yeah, this thing never gets old. Those first two are priceless.

  2. If I'm ever to get killed by firing squad, I'm just gonna smile and strut like Leo. Let the chips fall where they may...


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