Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Site Update: Labels, Overly Self-Aware Thought

Getting right to it: the first new feature is the "Double Dip" label. If that tag is on a movie review post, it means I'll return to that picture later; some films merit or almost require multiple discussions. It also avoids massive spoilers for an initial review and/or helps me address extra issues that don't fit the premise of one single entry. I could probably write both a review and a script analysis for "The Big Sleep."

There's also the "Recommended" label. Entries there include those that I wrote for film podcasts and Netflix' Streaming show, "Hyperdrive." Finally, I added a "Movie Aspects" tag (got a better title?) to single out articles that discuss what's so special (and weird) about movie trailers, film reviews, seeing movies before you're supposed to, and even popcorn (coming soon).

Large Association of Movie Blogs
That his "I'm taken ladies" pose.
Let me also note that tomorrow, on the LAMB website, you'll see a collection of reviews for Gary Oldman movies. Oldman was chosen for March's "LAMB Acting School 101," so various bloggers submitted their reviews and articles to form one great mega/meta-discussion of his work. Naturally, I asked them to link to my review of "Romeo Is Bleeding," as it's an all-time favorite.

That's pretty much it for updates. I hope the additions prove useful. On to the self-conscious part:

A look at the past 4 months on my blog made me realize that I'm averaging less than 1 review every 2 weeks. If I wanted to offer a cheap explanation, I'd say that in mid-December I wrote a Multiple Review - a site event where I tackle 7 movies in one post. Then the # goes up a lot.

Stressed out, I retired to the Chamber of Understanding. There, I realized that would be a cheap & incomplete reply. I wrote those reviews to make up for infrequent writing, among other things.

I don't know if it sounds good or bad to say "1 in 6 entries are reviews," really... But I like to write for movies that I actually have something to say about. That takes more work and time - especially for anything involving Bergman, Von Trier, or favorites like "Dogma."

The last big problem, I guess, is that I don't see movies very often anymore. It's different if we're talking about certain kinds of projects or directors: Cronenberg, Herzog, There Might Be Blood, that sort of thing.

It happens even to people who love movies: I'm out of synch with friends lately, so I haven't seen what they have and vice versa. Hell, I have my own projects to work on...

I'd never want to narrow my focus, anyway. Reviewing films isn't the only thing that interests me about movies, or this blog. There's news and events, for one thing. The articles I write have enough thought in them (I think) to merit not, y'know, reviewing more pictures.

I'm open to making an effort. Depending on the style I use, it might not even be too hard. Then again, it took 8 months for me to review "Inception" - and even then I was motivated by a desire to anticipate the Oscars.

As it is, I'm already working on ways to post reviews more often. If anyone reading wants more movie reviews, let me know by email or comment or in person. I'll consider and accommodate, if it makes sense.

Large Association of Movie Blogs
He looks like he's playing Joey's brother on "Friends."

No matter what, there probably won't be another Site Update - overly self-conscious or not - here for a while. Not 'til this blog's 2-year anniversary. I prefer giving my thoughts about different aspects of America's real national past-time...

Half a Film Student


  1. I think more film reviews could only be a good thing!
    But I do like reading your posts anyway. It's just that film news and updates don't interest me as much, as I'm never very up to date on recent releases...

    I to like to review films I have something to see about, I couldn't review every single film I watch, only those that I feel deserve to be written about.

  2. Thanks, Jack! Your reviews, long or short, always show you have a real opinion about what you've seen. It always shows you had something to say.

    I have a whole ton coming up, and there should be something for everyone. =)

  3. I'm in the same boat...I used to write reviews all the time, but for almost six months now, if not longer, I've just not been motivated to, instead trying new things and maybe posting a batch of blurb reviews all at once. It's kind of a shame, really, and I do hope to get back into it one day, but for any number of reasons, I just don't have that much interest to at the moment.

    Oh, and I gotta get something done for the Oldman event. I'm so bad about participating sometimes, and that ain't good. Gotta set an example - at least I have more time to do so these days.

    Saw Romeo Is Bleeding years ago - I barely remember it, though if I recall, I thought Olin was pretty hot in it...

  4. Fletch, Lena Olin is pretty much always hot - and doubly so in "RiB." I cannot recommend "Romeo" strongly enough.

    Unfortunately, the deadline for Oldman was the 23rd! I missed a bunch of earlier lamb events too, so I set a reminder in my phone's calendar...

    As to reviewing, I know I'll get tired of doing the same thing (reviews) over and over. Also that I'll run out of films to cover well. But I did want to make an effort, so there's a steady stream of reviews coming up in the next few weeks. In fact, one goes up 2moro.

    And it's so nice to write 1000 words without worrying about whether I'm alternating enough between "film," "movie," "picture," "flick," and "pic" or over-using "episode," "series," and "show." So it's relaxing to write about news or to introduce a few funny videos and whatnot...

  5. LOL at this part: "it's so nice to write 1000 words without worrying about whether I'm alternating enough between "film," "movie," "picture," "flick," and "pic""

    Tell me about it.

    A big factor for me was, I felt like I was writing reviews in my head as I was watching the movies, and that not only distracted me from watching the movies, but I'd come up with good points/sentences only to lose them by the time I actually got around to writing. Bugged the shit out of me - it's nice to watch movies free of all that.


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