Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Top Gun" in theaters, 2 days only, 4/30 and 5/2

In some prior news entries, I was clearly proud that I noticed something before my usual news sources. However, I am constantly beholden to them, so I get pretty positive when I get there before the pros. But if you read my posts on "Airplane," "Taxi Driver," or "Memento," you know what's coming.

Yes, the end of a long way of introducing last week's The AV Club article on the return of Tony Scott's "Top Gun" to theaters. This week and next, 2 shows only, April 30 at 12:30 and May 2 at 7. This link is to the site listing all the locations for the two showtimes. If you're in NYC, you'll have the most options...

I won't simply ape the article I linked to; I respect tAVC's work (and my writing) too much. "Top Gun" is a fun, ridiculous, enjoyable action film. It's also a piece of pop-culture history, a cheesy 80's spectacle, and a possible social allegory by way of reverse homophobia (um, "heterophobia?"). If no one's covered that last point, I can write something to explain.

If you choose to check it out, you'll be supporting AMC's semi-regular release of classic pictures. Yes, they're often timed with Blu-Ray/Super Special Edition/Holographic Crystal Edition merchandise releases. So what? A fun ride is a fun ride.

Let me know if you're going to check out Berlin, Kenny Loggins, pre-"he's a Scientologist?" Cruise, bare-chested oil-rubbing all-male volleyball (why god, why?), and the tragic story of a man called Goose.

I bumped a post for this, but it's a review for "Mission: Impossible," and I wouldn't want to write about most stars more than once per week. I'll see you on Thursday with a review of "X-Men" to close out April!

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