Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Anniversary! 3 Years, Suckers!

So celebrate! Let's all get in the spirit & queue up this great song while we read:

Or if that track's not your style, start with the tune we should all be able to dance, sing, or watch whenever we like:

The real national treasure.

I love blogger's tags; many stats are right on the homepage. But I needn't look: 3 years, 250-ish posts, over 42,000 hits, 170+ reviews. Site traffic aside, it's roughly what I expected when I began - arrogant? Yes, but I knew I'd work hard. I couldn't predict so much, tho, & I really recall thinking 3 years was the most I could do this for...

But I'll always be a writer. I have a boundless love of art, and talking about and enjoying movies. I'll keep promoting fun videos & legal free film sites, reviewing pictures. I'll keep hoping for the best from the industry, theaters, readers, and other fans. I'll keep being a bit snarky, too.

I told Vance I'd totally steal the clip he covered recently, and I'm proud to put it here. It's glorious, a little horrifying, then glorious again. To his credit, Vance was right about the end shot, bopping stormtroopers, and the galaxy's natural DJ. & it makes a valid point: don't fight, have a dance-off!

I guess you should stop the music above for now.

You can also listen to and (sadly) laugh at Mel Gibson, whose latest recorded rant doesn't involve threatening women or insulting minorities, but who needs to go away and work with a team of therapists. Do the time warp, buddy; it'll perk you up.

Past anniversary posts really went on with promises and recaps. F that now. I`m about to break my records for monthly posts and reviews. I'll have a few fun announcements soon. It's business as usual at the end of Fiscal Q1 for Half a Film student, only it'll be even cooler than before. 'Nuff said.

So instead, here are my 5 favorites from this site in the last year:
You Shoulda Been a Movie: NOLF; it was such fun to describe its appeal and embed those youtube clips...
My What's in a Name post was a labor of love. I don't get analytical much so I don't bore readers, but I did it right. I was happy with the response, too...
Ditto for not seeing Sept. 11th films, and JJ Abrams maybe being a sociopath.

I wanna pimp 1 of my reviews with the last pick (no, I really do), but gotta give it to the Downfall parodies; I'd never seen it before & it felt so good to laugh that hard.

Let me never stop laughing at you, man.

My top 5 of all time? Easy:
No one ever appreciated the genius of my Behind the Scenes: The Alien Queen post! I won't whine about unseen comedy gold, but it still makes me sigh.
Reviewing Peter Jackson's Bad Taste was exactly what I hoped: promoting an unknown movie, defending its truly demented scenes, and mixing quotes, pix, and clips.
My Color of Night review because I don't share my guilty pleasures here often; I felt no shame writing it, as Bruce Willis apparently didn't for his full-frontal nudity.
My review of Splice, since I got to unload on an awful movie. I revised it 5+ times, and I think it's now 20+ pages long; it had it comin'. I wisely started with a summary of what I thought while I watched it.
Last, a tie: my first xmas review and article on trailers' importance; I couldn't pick!

Finally, I can't tell you how much I like and have been helped by the work of DJ, M. Hufstader, Jack, Dylan at Man I Love Films, Vance, my friends at Wasted Degree, Nikhat, Mark Kermode, Sean O'Neal, Tasha Robinson and her fellow AVC'ers... None of this is in a vacuum, & they've contributed to my thoughts about movies and this blog.

Thanks to you, also, for reading - thanks for your advice and comments and responses, whether you agreed with me or not. I'm most grateful, of course, to DJ and Scott, whose ideas and suggestions have been so very important here.

I'll catch ya'll later; I still gotta get 3 reviews up this week, and maybe one last April entry for the 31st. Happy Anniversary!... Wha'dja get me?


  1. Wait, which part of the Han Solo dance was horrifying? Glorious from beginning to end, baby!

    Congratulations on the milestone. I myself am a staunch observer of milestones. Keep up the good work ...


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