Saturday, April 23, 2011

2-year Anniversary, the "Conan" Musical

If you don't want to read my few words for this day, jump to the bottom to watch (or just follow this forthcoming link) the superb Conan the Barbarian: The Musical; it's made by jonandal, the same geniuses behind Predator:The Musical. I'm almost sure these vids are funny without knowing the sources, but you may want to hold off if you're unfamiliar.

As of today, this blog is two years old. I always knew I'd keep this going for a while, but it's easy to start something and imagine doing it 'til next year. What do you do as time keeps passing? Even tho I'm happy about this hallmark, I won't use double the words to celebrate...

My other anniversary and end of year posts share a few things in common: I thank various people who've inspired or supported me; I thank my readers; I talk about things what's happened as well as what's to come on the site.

Well, the last such entry was for my 100th post, but that was just over 2 months ago. I think "if you're gonna use too many words, don't also be repetitive." If I want to get long-winded about this, I'll save that for number 3, ok? This time, all I really have to say is "Thank you, everyone," then leave it at that. A rare moment of brevity...

I could tell you some new types of entries are on the way - surprises let you know I care, right? I could point out that I'll soon match the number of posts I made for all of 2010. Cool.

Everything that's coming up should be fun. Cronenberg and Miyazaki reviews are in the pipe, some cult films as well, more drama, and at least one more Movie Review Quickie (I really will make one of them brief)... That's all I'll mention for now.

What from this past year am I most proud of? Keeping this pace for 4 straight months. An Inception review written very quickly. My Dennis Hopper memorial (others deserve such remembrance too). The Rebecca cross-over review, and The Lost Boys "Michael" video. And, of course, my article on The Alien Queen. I hope they have been even more fun to read than they were to write...

In the end, saying more would probably rehash what I wrote in February. Or I'd be writing just to write;  forget that. This is my two year anniversary, so I'm gonna smile like Struttin' Leo, and invite you to see a new Fan-made Gem below, and let our revels commence for year three!

Enjoy the vid, check out the labels on the right, and browse some of my prior posts. I'll see you back here next week. I know - the monthly limit is nearly up - but I've spaced everything out so we all have a good time. Until/unless I increase the pace some more, that's all I'll give.

But whether it's a review, an article, news, or a site update, I put in a lot of thought and time for what I write. What's to come will be steady, it will be thoughtful, and I like to think it will be fun to read.

Thank you, everyone. If we decide to make a big deal out of this anniversary next year, just remember to bring flowers if you want me to put out.

I can't believe I like hearing him sing so much! Right?

Until then,
Half a Film Student


  1. Congrats Thaddeus!

    And that video was so Conan video was so awesome, thanks a lot for sharing it!

  2. Thanks, Jack!

    Oh yeah, it's one of the funniest things I've seen in a while; and so appropriate for the occasion.


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