Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great Moments in Film Absurdity: Zoolander Gas Fight

On occasion, this blog is my personal repository (I said "re-pository") of things I love. And sometimes, even a flawed, deeply-imperfect film can deliver one of the greatest moments in cinema. And thus did Zoolander earn my love, despite its many problems. The words "orange mocha frappachino" just put a smile on my face.

The following counts as a movie moment I actually wouldn't mind living out, no matter the consequences:


  1. This has been on my list of movies to rewatch for some time now. Thought I wouldn't like it, totally did. Want to experience that again.

  2. I didn't love this film, but when I saw it years after the release, I was blown away by how funny it could be. So close to being a great comedy, and some of the jokes make the whole thing worthwhile. This scene sort of encompasses the best qualities of Zoolander, I think.

  3. I was the same -- I saw it years after its release, assuming in the meantime it was terrible. My favorite bit involves David Duchovny telling the whole story of why male models were chosen to be secret agents, and then Zoolander asks "But why male models?" Duchovny's reaction back is priceless.

    1. Haha! I'm gonna have to watch that scene again - my brain always gets stuck on Duchovny's delivery of "Slaves, Derek." And, "I hear Magnum is going to blow us all away." Man, I wish Duchovny was in more comedies; more everything...


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